Out-of-Hours Procedure

What do to if you need a vet and we are closed

Once the surgery is closed, all emergencies are directed to VetsNow in Wrexham.

If you have an emergency, please call your surgery's number, which will then give you details for VetsNow.

As we do not have staff in the building overnight, we may suggest your pet go to VetsNow for overnight monitoring, but will always discuss this with you first.

VetsNow is a seperate entity to ourselves and is a dedicated out of hours hospital, which has high quality care, and specialists working around the clock to ensure your pet has the best care possible.

An out of hours fee of £108.50 (before 9pm) or £153 (after 9pm) applies along with a £46 consult fee. Click here to visit their website if you need anymore information.